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Madison Fairchild

Madison Fairchild

Founding Agent


Madison Fairchild is a revolutionary that commands evolution at all times. Madison’s goal is to shift perspective about Real Estate, to rewrite the process in which real estate is traded, and to provide impeccable service to all of her clients.
Madison’s assertive, humorous nature and ability to communicate with precision are two of the largest contributing factors to the success of the Madison Chase Team. Her confidence, track record, and ability to listen assure her clients that they are in the best of hands.
Madison believes in the philosophy "One Size Does Not Fit All."
“It would be impossible to approach every property, every client, or every transaction in the exact same way. We are all individuals, every property is individual, and the agent that is representing you needs to not only support your individuality, but they need to highlight it!”
She calls her approach to marketing and sales “Stylized Simplicity.” For every property and every client, she develops a cutting-edge, one-of-a-kind, and simplistic plan that ensures success. She then skillfully executes that plan. Madison’s standard of service is simply unsurpassable.


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Madison and Chase are Industry Leaders and Real Estate Experts - our niche is evolution, expansion and Earth. Through knowledge and experience, we implement successful marketing strategies and we utilize the latest technologies to provide exclusive service.