Are You Ready to Turn Your Success Switch On?

Are You Ready to Turn Your Success Switch On?

  • Madison Chase Real Estate Team
  • 06/17/19
Success is a mindset, not a destination. (That is where most people get hung up) There is no such thing as “striving” for success, it is a decision that is made in every minute of everyday: Do I want to be successful right here, right now? So how do you turn your success switch on?
Step One: Acknowledge that change is the only thing that we are guaranteed in life. Don't be afraid of it. 
If what you have been doing this whole time was working, you would have everything that you have ever dreamed of. Embrace the fact that we have the opportunity to change, redirect and grow.

You Must Make the Decision to Become Successful. (No One Else Can Make This Decision for You)

This starts with the recognition that every moment in your life is a choice. Think about it... every moment thus far has led you to this moment, right now, the "present".... that is every person that you have met, every conversation that you have had, every emotion that you have felt, every action that you have taken and every thought that you have had. YOU have the power to choose who you are attracting, what you are attracting, and when you are attracting it. Our life experience deludes us to believe that we have only 1 choice: To react to whatever circumstance is presented to us at that time. 
What if you had the opportunity to create the circumstance before you and then choose how you wanted to respond to it? In other words, what if you could create the life that you WANT to live? ...Would you do it? And would it look different than your life right now?
Assuming that you decide that you WANT to reclaim your power to choose in your life... You must now begin BELIEVING IN YOURSELF... Truly believing, without hesitation or ambiguity.
The biggest obstacle that we face in this lifetime is ourself. There is nothing that will get in your way, unless you choose to allow it. The difference between someone that finds success (or honestly, anything that they are searching for) and someone that does not is how they choose to respond when life meets them with failure. When you miss the mark or when you come up short, do you let that become the story for the rest of your life? NO!! Well, we shouldn't... but it is easy to allow fear and self doubt to creep in when we are uncertain. 
There is no room for uncertainty when it comes to creating your own success. You are the projector in your lifetime, simply watching the projection of your creation. And you have to be clear on exactly what it is that you are looking to create. On average, we have over 60,000 thoughts per day and 95% of those thoughts are the exact same thoughts that we had the day before. (Does anyone know the definition of insanity?) Every one of these thoughts are a vibration that is sent out to create whatever that thought may be. We are very literally asking for the same thing over and over again. So I hope that your thoughts are ones that will mint gold! 
It is our job to TAKE RESPONSIBILITY for our own life. If your thought patterns need to change, change them. If your eating habits need to change, change them. If your work out regimen needs to change (or begin to exist), change it! CREATE IT! Responsibility does not mean that we indulge in blame. Responsibility is simply our ability to respond to the present. We must acknowledge the role that we played in co-creating the present and the opportunities that are available to us because of our choices. If you want a different opportunity... YOU need to be the one to create it.
And once you decide on your trajectory, never lose sight of it. Set your goal and remain persistent and consistent.
The truth is... you are the only one that cares enough about your own happiness to make it a driving force in your life! Commit to your happiness. Commit to your goals. Commit to yourself. Be the change that you want to see in this lifetime. CHOOSE to turn your success switch on.

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