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Many small bungalows and quiet streets make Land Park a particularly beautiful place where residents enjoy living in nice homes.

Welcome to Land Park

An urban environment surrounded by natural wonders and historic homes.
Land Park is a neighborhood south of the center of Sacramento that is home to many iconic Sacramento businesses. Many small bungalows and quiet streets make Land Park a particularly beautiful place where residents enjoy living in nice homes. Home to 10,000 residents, Land Park is not as dense as downtown Sacramento, but it is still more crowded than a rural town or a suburb. Cafes, restaurants, and parks make life in Land Park pleasant and beautiful. 
Land Park has many great amenities. It is close to downtown Sacramento where there is an active nightlife, entertainment venues, shops, and career opportunities. Sacramento in general is one of the best cities for cyclists. Bicyclists enjoy traveling through Land Park and exploring the neighborhood.

What to Love

Local Lifestyle

Land Park is a quiet neighborhood where families enjoy spending time with each other. William Land Park defines the lifestyle in Land Park. Most of the people who live in Land Park enjoy walking around the neighborhood, exploring new areas, and spending time exercising. The atmosphere in Land Park is relatively laid-back and relaxed. WPA Rock Garden is also a popular place for residents to spend time walking and enjoying the outdoors. Duck Lake and the California State Railroad are important places in Land Park, California. Many of the people who reside in Land Park have a respect for history and enjoy learning about the history of Sacramento.

Dining, Entertainment & Shopping 

Gunther’s Ice Cream is one of the best dessert restaurants in Sacramento, California. Notable flavors include banana rocky, mocha almond fudge, and mango. Scott’s Seafood on the River is a great place to enjoy fresh seafood. The dinner menu features spicy Cajun pasta, ahi two ways, and shrimp & grits. 
Asian and Spanish food is available at Tower Cafe where the dinner menu features spicy enchiladas de oaxaca, chile rellenos, and spicy veracruz linguini. Though they are famous for their brunch with custard soaked French toast, cornmeal pancakes, and huevos rancheros. Track 7 Brewery is another place that is becoming popular in Sacramento. While the name may be a nod to history, their unique and artisanal beers are futuristic in their creativity.

Things to Do

William Land Park is one of the most notable landmarks in Land Park. William Land Regional Park contains a zoo and Sacramento Fairytale Town where play equipment for children resembles fairy tale characters and characters from nursery rhymes.
Funderland Amusement Park is an amusement park where children can let off some steam and have fun playing. Duck Lake is a beautiful place to spend the day and explore the natural beauty and exquisite weather California offers. WPA Rock Garden and the Sacramento Zoo are also important places where residents can learn more about the flora and fauna of the Central Valley. 
Stanford Mansion and Tower Bridge are two amazing pieces of architecture that are important to the history of Sacramento. State Indian Museum, Cathedral of the Blessed, and McKinley Park are also important parts of Sacramento that residents enjoy visiting.


The schools in Land Park are served by the Sacramento City Unified School District. The following are some of the most notable schools in Land Park: 


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